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Advancing Innovation Campaign

Brown and Caldwell (BC) is an environmental engineering firm that has been innovating and supporting local water utilities with their drinking and wastewater needs since 1947. 

The goal was to promote Brown and Caldwell's growing list of services.


Competitor research

An advertising audit revealed similar approaches to messaging and branding from competitors within the industry.

This creates an opportunity to differentiate the campaign from the competitors.

Phase 1: Differentiating our services from the competition

Since many competitors used photography to represent specific services, this opened up the opportunity for Brown and Caldwell to differentiate themselves by creating a graphic language using icons that can be used in many types of branded applications. The studies were in collaboration with our illustrator and our engineers.

Internal posters and graphics

Posters and interior graphics were created and displayed throughout the 45  Brown and Caldwell offices nationwide.

Phase 2: Humanizing the brand

This phase focused on validating Brown and Caldwell's expertise through their projects and their employees.

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