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Rebranding Brown and Caldwell


Since 1947, Brown and Caldwell has built a reputation in pioneering wastewater reuse within the environmental engineering industry. Collaborating with clients, adding value through innovation and building relationships is an integral part of the company culture. BC's campaign represents the ability to provide solutions for various needs addressing every aspect of service, Technical Innovation, Project Management, Community Involvement, and Recruitment.


Brand audit

My research began by going through the historic archive of photos and printed documents dating back to 1947.


Part of my brand audit was to see how the company evolved its logo over the years.

Brand Equity

The block was used for almost 20 years which led to the decision to keep it to retain brand recognition. 


People / Reach

Technical / Innovate 

Service / Standout 

Project Management / Deliver 

Products / Impact  

Community / Connect

Quality Service

The research revealed 6 key areas that clients needed from Brown and Caldwell. Friendly Service, Advanced Technical Ability, Project Management, Quality Work Products, Community outreach, The best minds in the industry.



Connecting customers to the BC brand experience

Creating the BC experience required a continuous cycle of communication and feedback. This diagram was developed during a work session with the team.

Revitalizing the environment

This case study shows the important step in making an environment safe for both wildlife and our communities.

Brown and Caldwell_full res-2.JPG

Branded Environments

In collaboration with BOX Studios to design branded office spaces throughout 45 offices nationwide.

Breakroom 2.jpg

Over 80 services and 45 offices nationwide
Brown and Caldwell has deep roots in California but needed to build a stronger presence in regions outside of the golden state. The goal was to promote BC's growing list of services while establishing a nationwide presence.


The Brand Look Book

The tool is meant to be a conversation starter with clients to broaden the visual design language of the company. Examples of photography, illustration, icons, and typography are shown throughout the Look Book.



Over 300 icons were developed to represent the variety of services offered to clients

icon decal.JPG

Holiday animation

BC_iconwaterdropMacPro_laptop ad.jpg

Instagram stories

Promoting Advancing Innovation campaign through individual stories

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