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The One Water Campaign: Phase 1

The one water approach views all water drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater and more as resources that must be managed holistically and sustainably. Brown and Caldwell's campaign embraces and understands stakeholder challenges before solving their one water needs.


Many points of views

The development of the 1Water blog was created to spark conversations around how water treatment can impact utilities and their communities. Listening to the needs of stakeholders and distilling them into clear objectives, were important to make any progress on how utilities provide water to their communities. 

Opinions matter

While in a meeting with stakeholders, the opinions varied yet they all focused on how water is important to their communities. The sketch above was inspired by these conversations which turned into a beautiful campaign promoting continued conversations on the 1Water blog site. 


Collecting Data from readers

A blog was created for the water industry that shares fresh ideas in treating water. Collecting data from reader responses helped drive the direction of the content. Opening the conversation up to challenges and innovative approaches. The ability to share these stories through social media helped continue awareness and sparked conversations throughout the industry.

OneWater hand photo studies 150.jpg

The One Water Campaign: Phase 2

Everyone has a perspective

Everyone sees goals through their own lens which led to this expression of framing your own perspective. The example above illustrates a common cropping gesture used by filmmakers and photographers to help them focus on their subject matter. This inspired a test shoot with a variety of people to see if they can accomplish framing a water drop with their hands.

1Water Billboard night_HiRes.jpg
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