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Quarterly Publication Special Edition

The special edition focused on the challenges of navigating through environmental compliance. The game metaphor provided an approachable way to tell a story as it illustrated the complexities of reporting potential environmental hazards faced with every utility throughout the country.

Designing the board game props

The concept of the monopoly game made sense as maneuvering through environmental compliance was described by many as a "game" that organizations had to follow in order to complete projects. Before anything was developed, I consulted with an intellectual property attorney and discovered that this can be achieved by claiming this was a parody of monopoly.

Quarterly Publication - Masthead redesign

Quarterly is an environmental engineering publication focused on issues and ideas within public utilities nationwide. The redesign of the entire magazine included a new masthead along with a new display font which added to the uniqueness of the stories within the publication.



Stencil display font designed for headers throughout the publication

Original Editorial Art (various artist)

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