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Robin Healthcare

The Robin Assistant™ is a proprietary smart dictation that captures physician notes and translates them into highly accurate, completely compliant notes and codes delivered directly to a patients EMR. Robin saves doctors an average of 90 minutes a day. Patients get fully focused doctors. Practices get more accurate reimbursement.


Robin's Mission

Robin Healthcare’s goal is to remove the administrative barriers that come between doctors and their patients. Their specially trained, AI-supported human workforce is a BIG part of the solution.

Taxi Advertising Blue wedge.jpg

Out of home advertisement

OHH ads were created during major medical conferences.

Robin tradeshow Blue wedge.jpg

Tradeshow booth

Scribe landing pg Laptop.jpg

Recruiting landing page

The goal was to create an interactive experience while being able to track engagement from candidates.

Pop Art campaign inspired by Andy Warhol's soup cans.

Care packaging

These were sent out to consumers in appreciation of their support. Soups, candy bars, and swag.

Scribe Landing Page 1200w.png
Robin email smartphone.png
Conference banner Robin MCM.jpg

Concept video script


C O N C E P T : 

Robin gives doctors more "time" to heal their patients. 


Sound effect:

Ticking clock sound. Then simple, emotive music.


Voice over:

It’s about time

doctors were free

to do much more doctoring

and much less documenting.

Say hello to Robin.

The first total documenting solution for orthopedics.

The best of AI dictation and remote medical scribes.

The Time (saving) Machine.

So doctors get more

of what they want most.


to heal patients.

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