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One Water Campaign

The one water approach views all water drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater and more as resources that must be managed holistically and sustainably. Brown and Caldwell's campaign embraces and understands stakeholder challenges before solving their one water needs.


Understanding how stakeholders think

Collaboration with stakeholders is an important key to the design process.  Through whiteboarding and numerous conversations, we discovered that water utilities and communities all have their own vision of what their water needs should be. Listening and understanding those needs is the first step in solving their water challenges.

Focusing on the needs

Listening to the needs of stakeholders and distilling them into a clear objective, brought focus to a common goal that everyone had needs for their own water supply.

Working with an illustrator, the study of water drops explored various interpretations of what one water can be. Stakeholders concluded that One Water is open to interpretation that embraces various perspectives.

Everyone has a perspective

Everyone sees goals through their own lens which led to this expression of framing your own perspective.

the example above illustrates a common cropping gesture used by filmmakers and photographers to help them focus on their subject matter. This inspired a test shoot with a variety of people to see if they can accomplish framing a water drop with their hands.

Advertising campaign

One water hands were with appropriate backgrounds were used in a variety advertising spaces such as

billboards, digital, and print.

Wireframing the blog

Rough wireframe sketch (above) and a low fidelity wireframe of the One Water blog (below).

Sharing ideas

A blog was created for the water industry that shares fresh ideas in treating water. The stories are curated by the editors with the opportunity for readers to chime into the conversations to share their own perspective. Opening the conversation up to challenges and innovative approaches. The ability to share these stories through social media helped continue awareness and sparked conversations throughout the industry.

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