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Publication design

Quarterly is a publication focused on relevant issues and challenges facing utilities and environmental engineers. Distilling technical information into metaphorical images made this much more rewarding.

Collaborating with artist

New technologies in water treatment required the best minds in the business. In this issue, the demand for the best brains is in demand as the need to manage and treat wastewater increases nationwide.


In collaboration with the marketing staff, we brainstormed an idea of merging the best minds and our infrastructure combined with common elements in a wastewater treatment plant of pipes,  gauges, meters, and valves.

Building from scratch

PVC pipes, gauges, and valves were all found at a local hardware store. The brains structure was mostly built by hand then photographed at a photographers studio. Additional pipes and details were added in photoshop. The size of the sculpture was 5 ft x 7 ft.

Sculpture: Ivan Thelin   |   Photography and post-production: Jeff Alexander

 Illustration: Timothy Cook

A picture is worth a thousand words

Complex ideas can be conveyed with just a single. The story above describes the importance of controlling utilities virtually 24 hours a day. Setting the standard in technology helps utilities gauge water usage and assure that customers continue to get running water in their homes 24/7.

 Illustration: Luba Lukova

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